Schools Out and Summer is HERE!

Today marked the end of Freshman year of college. I finished up with my last final exam and now I am free and on summer vacation!

The last couple of weeks, particularly after spring break was rough. I was behind on all my assignments and I had a quiz and a paper due all on the same day. From the start of May, until today I have been cramming in soo much work in order for me to pass my classes.

My final exams weren’t hard, but if you didn’t study or review your notes, there is no way you would be able to pass. So all of the days, even on the days that I was working, I was studying even when I was in the bathroom.

My friends and I were constantly running from one class to another to take our final exam but we weren’t running to avoid being late. We were running to secure our seats in the back. Cause we all know that when it comes to final exams, EVERYONE WANTS TO SIT IN THE BACK!

I don’t care when people choose new seats when it comes to final exams, but I absolutely hate when people choose my seat. If I sit in the back from the beginning of the semester, I will sit in the back until my final exam is over. The same rules apply when I sit in the front as well. When someone takes my seat, I feel so discombobulated and off of my game because that’s my seat.

But regardless of seat takings and hard final exams, I’m glad it’s over and summer is here and I can relax and do absolutely nothing for the next 3 months.

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