The One Where We Became Friends

Friends, as we all know is one of the best shows ever!!!!

With our group, we had to create our very own panoramic shot. To do so we used the panoramic camera setting that is found in our iPhone. To make the panoramic shot, we found a couch and ended up recreating the intro from Friends.

First, we took our shot by placing ourselves on the couch while my classmate was panning the camera. Then we moved the couch behind the person recording that way our movements do not interact with panning. Now we can be seen on the otherside of the original post.

I have never used the panoramic setting on my iPhone but the purpose of using this feature in the class is to tell a story. The story in our panoramic shot shows five classmates who don’t know each other that well and have come together and become friends. This project brought us together by getting to know each other’s name and the majors we are pursuing in. People don’t become friends right away, but that’s okay, it takes time.  I look forward to working with my group again!

With this technique, I can use it to tell a story, particularly when site seeing. I can use it to tell a story by describing what is being seen and what it means to me and how I portray whatever I am seeing.

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