Viacom’s Multicultural Media Summit

On Friday, June 28th I got the opportunity to attend Viacom’s 2nd annual Multicultural Media Summit. The purpose of the event was to encourage freshmen and sophomores to follow into a career path that is mainly related to media.

When I got there I was mind-blown! From the interior designs to the type of environment Viacom sets for its employees, I was pretty hyped. So as soon as I got there I met some really cool people who have the same major as me and got to network with them.

After getting the chance to network with other students, people from different departments came to speak with us about the work they do. At Viacom, there are multiple different departments like the marketing department, product development department, communications department, sales department, and research department.

The department that interested me the most was the marketing department because I got to meet this guy named Tony and the experience he shared was inspiring. He shared that working for Nickelodeon is a fun job, yet you learn every day and that is how you grow.  For me, Nickelodeon is everything because that is what  I grew up on, especially since I used to and currently watch Spongebob.

The second half of my day became eventful because I got the opportunity to create a pitch for the marketing team. As a “marketer” I had to market Comedy Central’s Roast Show with this year’s roastee Alec Baldwin. Now as fun as it sounds to market ways to roast Alec Baldwin, it was also really hard! My group had some really good ideas, but it was also hard to generate ideas that would be funny but also unique and eye-catching.

That experience was an eye-opener for me because I had missed many things that a marketer would propose like how often to promote the show and how to reach the target audience etc. Hearing other people’s pitches was an example for me, and now I know what I need to focus on if I choose marketing as my minor.

The summit is an experience all college students should get because it really tells you what you want to do in the future career wise and it’s always important to keep your options open as you excel into the real world. I knew I wanted to choose a career in media, but now I have a better sense that I want to be in the marketing/ communications field. Also, it is really important to network with companies because they could be your future employers. Use LinkedIn to connect with people and find opportunities, or even reach out to companies and see if they’re hiring.

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